I can still remember the dream I had when I was eight years old. I knew very well back then that I was in a dream because of the color and the temperature of the place was just too perfect to be real. Because everything was so perfect, the memory to that dream is still very vivid until today. There was a very important person in the dream. As I was panicking when I was waking up, he told me to not worry because we will see each other again. Since then, I have never dreamed about him in my dream ever again yet this person has affected my beliefs greatly in my real life.


Dream is very personal. There are no words that could accurately describe ones dream to another because each one will have different perception of the words and therefore only one self could know the most original form of their dream is like (a very similar concept to a designer’s esthetics in their designs). In this project, I would like to use my garments to accurately express what I experienced from this meaningful dream I had when I was little. Through the tangible skills such as color selection and pattern making, I want to take you to my very personal dream, the dream that gratefully inspired my esthetics.